Wouldn’t be near as successful socially without this kind of help. Wouldn’t be able to tolerate near what I do now without this kind of help, and probably, without this help, would be far worse off in my future. Thank you PST, Thank you Lisa.  -Joe H., young adult with Aspergers syndrome. (July 2012)


Thank you Lisa Gould-York and PST ,you do a wonderful things for these children and young adults! Keep up the good work!  -Lisa M., Sister of sibling with Aspergers Syndrome. (July 2012)


I love Pediatric Sensory Therapy. It is the only place I found in the Portland area that doesn’t have a long waitlist to get evaluated, and they have their own amazing therapy gym. If you think your child might need evaluated I strongly suggest you give them a call. Thank you for all you do for our kids, Lisa and Sally.  -Erin O., Mom of 2 special needs kids (April 2012)


Lisa’s professionalism is beyond reproach and her dedication to her clients is remarkable. The positive impact of her work is a tremendous asset to the community. Sensory Integration Therapy has a dramatic improvement on a child’s development at any age. For questions or concerns about your child’s current developmental needs I would highly recommend contacting Pediatric Sensory Therapy.  -Eric D., Volunteer at Pediatric Sensory Therapy (2011)


This is the best and cheapest Sensory Integration therapy clinic in the Portland area! The staff has many years of experience, along with all of the proper certifications and education that it takes to be an S.I. Occupational Therapist. I recommend calling Pediatric Sensory Therapy for anybody who has questions about their child’s development.  -Joe, parent (2011)


Lisa does amazing work with children and knows how to explain things to parents. She will do all of the work of trying to get insurance to kick down and doesn’t give up. I highly recommend PST for any child of any age who would benefit from sensory integration therapy.  -Stephanie C., parent of child with Autism and past PST client. (2011)


Knowledgeable staff! Affordable rates.  -Parent of child on the spectrum, 2011.